Services offered at Cambridge Chiropractic Clinic

In addition to Chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue therapy we also utilise a technique called 'Flexion Distraction', which utilises a special Chiropractic table which can gently stretch areas of the low back. This technique can be used on its own, or in conjunction with regular techniques. A demonstration of this facility can be viewed as part of a TV interview.

If you are looking for a quality, affordable and effective service for your back, neck or sports injury pain, or if you suffer from headaches that make your life miserable please look around our website or contact us and we will see how we can help.

The Chiropractor, Dr Gareth Jones…

Gareth practised in Australia before taking an extended OE to the U.K. returning with his Hamilton born wife Raewyn, and their four U.K. born children in 2005.

Initially opening a practice in their home in Cambridge, it soon became apparent that larger premises would be needed and the current Clinic at 9 Dick St. was purchased and refurbished and opened in 2009.

ACC Registered

We are a registered ACC provider, which means that we can claim directly from ACC for a portion of your fees. (See Prices for details). If you already have an ACC claim for your current condition please bring any documentation you have with you.

If you can't find any of your ACC information, don't worry, we can contact ACC for you and get any relevant information.

Massage Therapy

As part of the services we provide here at the Cambridge Chiropractic Clinic we are pleased to offer private therapeutic massage. Please contact our in-house massage therapists directly to make an appointment with them.

  • Sally Anderson: 021 152 3616
  • Elana van den Heever: 021 288 8443
  • Shannon Wilson: 027 376 7425
  • Sharon King: 027 305 7931